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Stakeholder Engagement Analytics

The Stakeholder Circle® is designed to manage the essential stakeholder engagement process needed for the success of a business change initiative, a project or a program. The methodology and tools focus on the integrated management of stakeholder relationships at all levels including project, program, portfolio and corporate to deliver value whilst meeting organizational CSR and sustainability objectives. 

To remain competitive, organizations have to develop an effective stakeholder mapping, analysis and management system. And the use of effective stakeholder analytics to focus your engagement efforts and communication budget on the right people at the right time is vital for achieving the maximum return on the resources and effort invested. We have developed an integrated range of products and services focused on effective stakeholder management to help in this objective. Our overall system includes:

  • The SRMM Maturity Model designed to help baseline and grow your organization's Stakeholder Relationship Management Maturity
  • The Stakeholder Circle  Methodology and three supporting tools:
    • Stakeholder-on-a-page (SOAP) template,
    • Stakeholder WorkSheet (SWS) Excel template,
    • Stakeholder Information Management System (SIMS) database;
  • A range of stakeholder management papers are available for free download from our Resources section;
  • Review our stakeholder engagement scrapbook.

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